The Future Of Film: POV And VR, More Independent And Crowdfunded Films

  • Posted on: 30 December 2014
  • By: Don

While the major film studio produced film of the past let us watch from outside on a story, the film and director of the future will use tech to put the viewer inside of the story and to finance projects.

Point Of View & Virtual Reality

What became popular in computer games and is now going to a new era because of evolving computer chip and display technologies will also find its way into film: The point of view shot combined with a virtual reality. This is shown by developments in this field, like the Oculus Rift and similar projects of big electronics companies like Samsung.

A continuous point of view shot is still uncommon in films. But films such as "Enter the Void" by Gaspar Noé indicate how involving a POV shot can be.

And young directors like Ilya Naishuller are following this path, initially with the music video "Bad Motherfucker" for the Biting Elbows

and now followed by the film "Hardcore", the world's first action POV film.

More Independent And Crowdfunded Films

Ilya Naishuller is also a good example for the thesis, that more independent and crowdfunded films will be produced. First, the costs for film equipment are going down. GoPro and Canon cameras are affordable and provide a stunning digital quality. Second, film fans around the globe are moving around crowdfunding platforms willing to finance the production of a film.

Ilya raised $254,954 USD on Indiegogo for Hardcore.

Big films will still need big money from producers and studios in the future, but it will be easier for small productions to find money and realize a film idea.

The Evolution Of The Film Of The Future

1. The future of the film will start with more POV films. The viewer will become an imaginary part of the story.
2. Than VR-technology (glasses) will intensify the POV shot, which was just a feeling before. At this stage, the viewer will become a real part of the film.
3. Finally the film of the future will be something like a computer game, a story as a frame controlled by the viewer, who will become something like a passive acting user of the film through his POV, VR glasses and tiny, maybe glass-integrated controller. The user will decide in the film whether to take the left or the right door, the mood, the ending etc. A film with versions, with choices.



Watching a (holographic POV) film on Microsoft HoloLens would be great: