Better don't trust Zazzle (

  • Posted on: 27 December 2014
  • By: Don

I've sold some of my designs on Zazzle and made a humble amount of money. And so did Zazzle with my designs. But when I decided to get my payout, I noticed what an incredibly unreliable company Zazzle is.

Fill the forms on Zazzle, get nothing

First of all, Zazzle needs a filled and signed W8-BEN PDF-form for a designer payout (for non-U.S.-residents). Complete the form, send it via mail or upload it and what you get is ... nothing, even when there are some fields missing there will be no message.

How will this affect the payout? Not at all. Neither a succeed message nor a missing message, not to speak of a money transfer. And it is highly probable that your filled form will be lost in the depths of the Zazzle system - like in my case.

Write Zazzle, get nothing

Zazzle offers an English and German support. I first started write them in German and used their built-in contact form. First mail, no reply, second mail, no replay. And we are talking about weeks of waiting.

Then I tried it in English. First mail, no reply, second mail, and this time I got an answer - but some of these vacuous and superficial customer support emails.

Continue writing Zazzle, get nothing

I wanted my money. So I tried to get it while writing to the customer service of Zazzle. When you write to Zazzle you will get replies from employees without surnames - given that you will get any reply at all. And I wrote to four of these employees - or at least names.

Kristin was horror. Whenever I emailed her and received an answer it felt like a resound muffled voice from a hollow tree trunk. A big overhead talking to her. An artificial avatar is more helpful than this superficial customer service.

I convinced her to give my case someone else in the company because she talked about different "departments" in the company and different responsibilities. Then they found out that there was something missing in my W8-BEN form - after months. I uploaded and sent this form via mail and they found a missing field after months and dozens of emails in another company "department". What the ...!

Wait for the Zazzle payout, get nothing

So I filled the form again, or better completed, and sent it to the customer service. They have monthly payout cycles. Guess what happened after the first month fully passed: Nothing. Then I waited another month. No payout again. Just unbelievable.

I wrote a mail to the customer service. Kristin replied. Gosh!

Zazzle needs half a year and 28 emails for a fistful of dollars

I told Kristin directly that her stupidity won't help me, to send my mail to a capable colleague if existing, and finally that I am going to sue the company.

After six months, 28 emails and prepared lawsuit against Zazzle I got my payout.

What a customer service odyssey.

Zazzle is a neverending nightmare

After all, it was very natural for me to remove all my designs from Zazzle and gave up a revenue stream. I don't have any designs or products in my account anymore.

Guess what happened with the designs and products: Nothing. There are not visible in my account, but still in the system. I still get emails about sold products with my designs.

What should you do with Zazzle?


Don't sell on Zazzle, don't buy on Zazzle.

Whenever there is a problem or just a simple payout, you will face the pure unreliability of the company. It's not worth your time or money.

If they are holding back your payout, sue them directly. The inability of Zazzle to keep proper care of the payouts and customers is not your problem. Do something good for your lawyer and sue them. They have to pay for resulting legal charges.

Use competitive companies to Zazzle, they are much better in so many different aspects for buyers and sellers, for example, Spreadshirt.